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A custom Loyalty App for the world's largest bubble tea brand.

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About Coco

Open since 2014 in Ontario, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice is a global bubble tea brand with 35+ locations in Ontario. Coco uses Snappy's custom mobile app, loyalty, online ordering, on-demand delivery, and marketing.


Of app-based sales


Increase in customer retention


Increase in customer engagement

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CoCo had been growing for nearly five years in Ontario when the franchise owners agreed they needed a modern solution to manage loyalty rewards. Their physical stamp cards did more harm than good — they were easy to lose, expensive to print, and CoCo’s regional sales manager, Nancy, couldn’t track where rewards were redeemed. Nancy tested several vendors but the high subscription costs for their growing network franchises were unaffordable. CoCo needed a custom app designed specifically to their needs. Snappy developed a custom app for CoCo with all the bells and whistles.

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Customers can order directly from the application, get notified when their order is ready for pickup, and can see their reward points balance anytime from their phones.


Since the application supports geolocation, CoCo can automatically send users promotions from the store nearest to them and every online order is tracked back to the store


Customers are happier and Nancy can analyze and report on store sales data with ease.


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We at Coco Bubble Tea are absolutely delighted to share our extraordinary experience with Snappy's cutting-edge loyalty program and mobile app. With 40% of our sales flourishing directly through the app, it has not just been a technological addition but a catalyst to our growth and customer connectivity. In every sip of our bubble tea, we now find the sweet taste of enhanced customer loyalty and amplified engagement, thanks to Snappy – a testament to the synergy of tradition and innovation, taste and technology.

"If you have a vision for your online customer experience, Snappy will deliver. Our custom mobile app modernized how our franchisees connect with customers. Online orders and rewards are streamlined through the application and sales data are segmented by store so I can see trends and identify revenue-generating opportunities in real-time.”

Regional Sales Manager, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice