We build technology products that make restaurants smart.

We’re on a mission to equip the world’s most customer-focused restaurants with technology to automate simple tasks. Improve your speed-of-service and guest experience with Snappy. 

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Powering restaurants in 8 countries & 30+ cities
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What's a smart restaurant, anyway? 

Smart restaurants use technology to deliver faster, more accurate service to guests. 

See how Snappy can make your restaurant smart.

Our Story 

We’re a team of engineers building technology restaurants need to thrive.

Our story began inside of a Japanese restaurant long before COVID-19 disrupted the industry. 

Amongst the chaos of the popular Toronto restaurant, the owner explained their manual and complicated process to manage reservations. So, our founders offered to help and our first product was born.  

From that day forward, every product was made with the restaurant in mind. 

We developed products to help our restaurants become self-reliant and fully operational online, acting as a technical partner in their business. 

Our product ecosystem grew to enhance every touchpoint of the guest experience, making it easier for staff and customers alike.  

Now, restaurants can subscribe to the tools they need to automate time-consuming operational tasks, build their brand online without relying on marketplaces, and can connect with customers directly on their mobile devices. 

At Snappy, we strive to push the industry forward, so restaurants can keep customers happy and their bellies full.

Life at Snappy

We’re a team of foodies who’ve come together from across Canada to bring innovative technology to restaurants. Restaurants choose Snappy for our products, but they stay because of the service we provide. 

We are a restaurant’s technology partner. We’re invested in their success, implement features based on their feedback, and go the extra mile to provide the same degree of service as restaurants provide to their customers.

As a digital-first and fast-growing company, we put complete trust in our team members to be leaders in their roles. We anticipate industry trends, love to test new ideas, and provide career development opportunities for our people to grow with us and support our mission to empower restaurant owners to adapt and thrive in any market condition—now and in the future.

Be customer-curious

Every restaurant is unique. Understand their needs, then offer solutions accordingly.

Practice enthusiasm

Roll up your sleeves and show up with the “can do” positive attitude needed to get the job done.

Simplify everything

Restaurant owners are busy. Don’t make them think.

Push boundaries

We are technologists at our core. Test new ideas, push boundaries, and never settle for the first easy solution.

Work together

Collaborate, over-communicate, embrace transparency, and empower our restaurants and colleagues to succeed.


Coco Fresh Tea
and Juice

“If you have a vision for your online customer experience, Snappy will deliver. Our custom mobile app modernized how our franchisees connect with customers. Online orders and rewards are streamlined through the application and sales data is segmented by store so I can see trends and identify revenue generating opportunities in real-time.”

– Nancy, Regional Franchisee Manager

Are you ready to level-up your customer service?