Chiang Mai retained 50% of
guests using Snappy


Chiang Mai

Sujee Moorthy, owns and manages Chiang Mai restaurant chain, a stylish restaurant serving
cocktails and Thai dishes.

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“Snappy is the only restaurant tech provider who can give you everything you need to manage your customer experience. I love how customers can do everything from ordering food to managing their rewards using our custom restaurant application built by Snappy."

Sujee Moorthy


Sujee had been in the restaurant industry for 15 years before opening the first of three Chiang Mai restaurants. He built his restaurant with the intent to become a recognized brand in Toronto, known for its trifecta of tasty food, a great atmosphere, and high-quality customer service. But given the competitive industry, Sujee knew he needed to integrate technology into his customer experience to stay top of mind with customers.


Sujee understood customer attention spans are short. So, he chose Snappy to build a custom Chiang Mai app where customers can order online, reserve a seat, receive gift cards, and manage their restaurant rewards at the click of a button. Instead of a vigorous sign-up process, customers can simply use their phone number to create and access their accounts.

Since Chiang Mai’s customer’s contact information is stored on Snappy’s CRM, Sujee can automatically send first-time customers a $5 gift card to incentivize them to return. Snappy will automatically update their account with reward points every time they spend money with the restaurant and notify customers when they’ve acquired enough points to redeem a gift card. After customers pay for their meal, customers can provide private feedback or post a public Google Review through the application. A member from the Chiang Mai team will respond within 24hrs to remedy concerns or thank the customer.

Each of these tactics keeps Chiang Mai on top of mind while building customer loyalty.


50% of customers return to Chiang Mai

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Sujee Moorthy, owns and manages Chiang Mai restaurant chain, a stylish restaurant serving cocktails and Thai dishes.

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