Toronto Eaton Center Food Court - Best Places To Grab A Meal
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Toronto Eaton Center Food Court - Best Places To Grab A Meal

June 7th, 2024

Toronto Eaton Center has more than 40 restaurants in the food court and throughout the mall but which one should you pick? Urban Eatery is the main food court which is located on the lower north side of Eaton Center. Eaton Center also recently opened Queen’s Cross Food Hall which is located on the lower south side of the mall (close to Queen St. W).

There are restaurants located throughout the mall outside of the food court area which we will not cover in this guide but includes highly rated establishments such as Joey, Trattoria Mercato, Milestones, Lena, Pusateri’s Food Hall, Starbucks and others. This guide is meant to help you evaluate, locate and decide on the various restaurant options at Toronto’s Eaton Center food court. You can also search this guide for specific restaurant by name (ie: McDonald’s) or type (ie: burger) to quickly skip to an option you may prefer.

Urban Eatery Food Court

Urban Eatery Food Court

There are 25 restaurants in Urban Eatery food court and picking one might not be an easy decision. Below you will find a breakdown of all the available options and their average ratings, price range, brief description and service options. This list is sorted by average rating for each restaurant in Urban Eatery according Google Maps data with best rated at the top and lowest rated at the bottom.

bingz eaton center


Chinese crispy burgers along with signature Noodle, Liangpi, Wonton and more.

New York Fries

New York Fries offers delicious skins-on french fries, poutine and premium hot dogs.


Modern Mediterranean recipes freshly interpreted and served with passion


Fast-food chain serving chicken sandwiches & nuggets along with salads & sides.

aw eaton center


Fast-food outlet serving up namesake root beer, plus burgers, chicken & fries.

Sansotei Ramen

Authentic Tonkotsu Ramen from the Kyushu and Hokkaido regions of Japan

Fast Fresh Foods

Home of freshest, healthiest and tastiest salads, sandwiches and soups

gong cha eaton center

Gong Cha

Gong Cha is a global bubble tea shop in 20 different countries around the world.


Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.

Crepe Delicious

Sweet & savoury crepes, gelato and desserts. Also has Froshberg Gelato adjacent.

Jimmy The Greek

Food-court option dishing out popular Greek fare such as gyros, souvlaki & salads.

shanghai 360 eatons center

Shanghai 360

Authentic Chinese dishes - from dumplings and soups to noddles.

amaya-express eaton center

Amaya Express

Amaya is dedicated to bringing you real, quality Indian food.

Ruby Thai Kitchen

Ruby Thai provides a quick but authentic Thai cuisine experience.

Tim Hortons

Signature premium-blend coffee, plus light fare, pastries & breakfast sandwiches.

kfc eaton center


Fast food restaurant chain that specializes in fried chicken.

Bourbon St. Grill

Fast food restaurant that offers hearty combos and American-style dishes

koryo eaton center

Koryo Korean BBQ

Authentic Korean-style BBQ dishes and other specialties.

sbarro eatons center


Italian fast-food chain offering thin-crust pizza by the slice, plus pastas & salads.

sushi-q eatons center


Sushi-Q is one of the leading pioneers of sushi grab-and-go cuisine.

villa madina shawarma eaton center

Villa Madina

Villa Madina's offers fresh, healthy, and delicious Mediterranean food and shawarma.

szechuan express eatons center

Szechuan Express

Villa Madina's offers fresh, healthy, and delicious Mediterranean food and shawarma.

thai express eaton center

Thai Express

Noodles, stir-fries, curries & other Thai dishes served in a down-to-earth restaurant.

Poulet Rouge

Chicken bowls, well-dressed salads and the best poutine in Canada.

subway yorkdale


Casual counter-serve chain for build-your-own sandwiches & salads.

Queen's Cross Food Hall

queens hall food court

Queen’s Cross Food Hall was recently opened on the lower level of south side (close to Queen St. W) and offers carefully curated cross-section of 16 chef-driven food stalls, a lively café and bar and a rotating roster of local pop-ups.

You have quite a few options from fast food and pizza to Asian and Mexican cuisines. Since there are not enough data points for each individual food stall at Queen’s Cross Food Hall, we currently can not provide a curated list and can only give you an overview of the entire food hall. To view all food stalls and their description, please go here.

queens cross food hall

Queen's Cross Food Hall

16 chef driven food stalls offering a variety of options for diners.


If you’re in the mood for something more than food court options, you can also choose one of the larger restaurants  at Eaton’s Centre that includes: Milestones, Joey, Lena and Trattoria Mercatto. But if you’re set on the food court, we’ve outlined everything you should know to make the choice much easier. And if you’re in craving some coffee or a beverage after, Eaton’s Center also offers multiple Starbucks , Second Cup and other beverage restaurants.

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