Reservation & Waitlist

Seamlessly manage reservations and waitlists while improving customer experience, operational efficiency and dine-in rates with Snappy's Reservations & Waitlist solution.
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Reduce lineups, walkouts, cancellations and no-shows
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Improve customer experience with accurate wait times
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Build a guest database to better personalize services
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Increase sales with guest seating optimization
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Automatically provide updates and reminders to customers

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Why Snappy's Reservation?

Sign up for Snappy's Reservations Solution to ensure that your dine-in rates stay high while your walkouts, cancellations and no-shows remain low.

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Comes with Google Maps & Reservation integration
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Automatically send text and phone call notifications
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CRM with accessible guest profiles and data
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Accept reservation pre-payments and holds
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Compatible with Snappy's POS, Self Serve Kiosk & Delivery
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Assign multiple parties to the same table
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Check in guests that arrive before designated booking time
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Customize your floor plan to fit your unique restaurant model

Why Use a Waitlist Solution?

Implement a Waitlist Solution to increase walk-ins and decrease labour for line control.

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Integrates with Google Waitlist function
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Audio & SMS notifications
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Self-serve waitlist with QR code scanning functionality
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Guests can lineup using their phone number
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Guests can digitally check the wait in real-time & know their position

Client Use Case

Globally recognized hotpot restaurant brand on a mission to spread hotpot culture throughout the world with thoughtful service and high quality food.


Increase in repeat customers


Reduction in no-show rates


Locations powered by Snappy

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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