Online Ordering & Delivery

Expand your restaurant's reach, increase sales, and enhance customer satisfaction with Snappy's seamless and customizable all in one platform for managing online orders and deliveries.
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Increase sales and brand awareness
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Reduce delivery costs with commission free delivery
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Allow customers to easily order from Google Maps
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Access all delivery orders with a single interface
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Full integration with popular delivery apps

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Why Snappy's Online Ordering & Delivery Solution?

Focus on order fulfillment and customer satisfaction while Snappy's online ordering and delivery solution increases your restaurant's brand presence, drives more sales and provides hassle free delivery service to your customers.

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Google ordering with delivery and pickup
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Enterprise level menu management system
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QR code ordering at table functionality
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On demand and commission free third party delivery service
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Seamless discount, loyalty and membership options
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Omni-channel payment and order configuration

Online Ordering & Delivery Features

Snappy's Online Ordering and Delivery solution offers a variety of features that help restaurants take a back seat approach while we do the all the heavy lifting to ensure a smooth and safe online ordering and delivery experience for your customers.

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Real time order tracking and notifications for customers
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Direct customer communication via text, email and notifications
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Intuitive and user friendly design optimized for sale conversions
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Secure transactions with various payment gateways integration
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Compliant customer data and payment information handling
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Easy integration with other Snappy solutions

Delivery & Ordering Integrations

Client Use Case

MotiMahal Restaurant has been in business for over 50 years serving high quality Indian street food with a focus on authenticity and rich flavour.


Increase in delivery orders


More orders per hour processed


Increase in pick-up orders

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"The online order pickup system provided by Snappy has revolutionized the way Wong's Hong Kong Café operates. This system not only enhances convenience for our valued customers but also significantly improves the efficiency of our staff, resulting in a seamlessly smooth and customer-friendly service experience."

Wong's Hong Kong cafe

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"The implementation of Snappy’s online pickup order system at Lin's Hand Pulled Noodles has significantly enhanced our operational flow and customer convenience, making it a vital component of our success."

Lin's hand pulled noodles

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