Gift Cards & Memberships

Make your customers more loyal, increase retention and generate more repeat sales with Snappy's Gift Cards & Memberships Solution.
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Increase sales with rewarding membership bonuses
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Promote your brand with referral program and incentives
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Segment and market to specific target groups with gift cards

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Why Snappy's Gift Cards & Membership?

Set rewards, run exclusive promotions, create incentives and watch as every transaction transforms casual diners into lifelong brand loyalists with Snappy's Gift Cards & Membership Solution.

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Incentivize more sales with time-limited savings for members
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Increase customer engagement with points and virtual wallets
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Offer digital and physical gift card options
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Easy integration with Snappy's other products
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Custom gift card and QR code design
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Multi-location segmentation for franchisees

Client Use Case

Freshslice logo

Freshslice operates more than 100 locations across Canada and are known for their pizza by the slice.


Increase in foot traffic


Increase in unique rewards


Freshcoin (loyalty currency) granted

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we collect any other information from the customer?
What can I do with their information I have collected?
Can the gift cards be used for online orders?
If I have a physical gift card, can it be transferred to a digital card?
If I have a physical gift card, can I give it to somebody else?
Can physical gift cards be reused or reloaded?

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Reservations & Waitlist Client Success Story

Globally recognized hotpot restaurant brand on a mission to spread hotpot culture throughout the world with thoughtful service and high quality food.


Increase in repeat customers


Reduction in no-show rates


Locations powered by Snappy

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