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Increase sales, improve customer experience and transform your restaurant's dine-in service with Snappy's Order From Table Solution.
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Reduce staff needs and staff cost
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Reduce order wait times and order mistakes
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Improve customer satisfaction and experience
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Increase average order value with marketing tools and data
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Easily setup and integrate with other Snappy products

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Why Snappy's Order From Table Solution?

Focus on order fulfillment and customer service while Snappy's order from table solution helps your restaurant increase sales, improve efficiency and customer experience.

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Faster service and increased table turnover rates
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Contactless transactions and modern branding
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Data driven menu analytics and optimization
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Increased customer retention rates
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Custom order and time limit options
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Loyalty, membership and gift card integration
Order-from-table tablet

Client Use Case

168 Sushi Buffet is multi-location sushi buffet restaurant with over 168 items in their menu that is dedicated to providing customers with quality food, great service and excellent atmosphere.


Increase in table turnover


Reduction in staffing costs


Increase in average order value

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"Singh's Thai Delights has experienced a notable enhancement in order efficiency and customer satisfaction following the implementation of the Dine-In QR code system. The streamlined ordering process is well-received by customers, and the direct communication with the kitchen has significantly boosted our service efficiency."

Singh's Thai Delights

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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