Self Serve Kiosk

Elevate your restaurant's quick service performance and experience with Snappy's Self Serve Kiosks. Improve your QSR operation by reducing wait times and increasing sales.
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Reduce customer wait times
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Increase average order size and sales
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Lower staff costs and improve staff efficiency
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Optimize menu and pricing with data
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Quick and easy setup within hours

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Why Snappy's Self Serve Kiosks?

Snappy's self serve kiosks have shown to increase sales, lower wait times, reduce staff needs and give customers full control during the entire ordering process. If you operate a quick service restaurant, self serve kiosks are a great way to optimize your operational efficiency.

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Increase customer order accuracy and customization
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Improve customer satisfaction and service experience
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Customer data collection and analytics
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Non intrusive up-selling opportunities
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Fully integrated with Snappy POS & Snappy Loyalty Solutions
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Snappy's Self Serve Kiosk offers a suite of features that give restaurants an operational toolkit to optimize operations.

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Instant menu and option updates
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Direct order transfer to Kitchen Display Systems
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Loyalty and membership options during checkout
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Customized product categories and modifiers

Operational Efficiency

Self Serve Kiosks can significantly increase a quick service restaurant's efficiency and streamline operations.

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Decrease miscommunication between staff and customers
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Optimize staff schedule and reduce staff costs
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Personalize order up-sells using collected customer data
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Fulfill more orders and reduce wait times during peak hours

Client Use Case

Yoi Eatery Logo
Yoi Eatery Logo

Located in Fairview Mall of Toronto, Yoi Ramen Japanese Eatery was able to reduce labor cost, increase direct order volume and average order size.


Increase in direct order volume


Labour cost reduction


Increase in average order value

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"'Implementing Snappy's Self Serve Kiosk at Kim's Korean BBQ has been one of our best decisions. The user-friendly design and multilingual support have been especially beneficial in accommodating our diverse clientele. We've observed that customers appreciate the freedom to peruse the menu at their leisure, leading to more informed and satisfying meal choices. From an operational standpoint, the kiosk has markedly boosted our efficiency."

Kim’s Korean BBQ

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"As the owner of Nguyen's Noodle House, I can confidently say that Snappy's Self Serve Kiosk has been a game-changer for our business. The intuitive interface has made it incredibly easy for our customers to customize their orders, from choosing their noodle type to adding their favorite toppings. This level of customization has not only enhanced customer satisfaction but also significantly reduced order errors."

nguyen's Noodle house

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What payment terminal can I use with the kiosk? Can two kiosks share the same printer?
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Can I have a different menu on my kiosk compared to my POS?
Can I have kiosk specific coupons and discounts?

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