Make your customers more loyal, increase retention and generate more repeat sales with Snappy's Loyalty
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Grow repeat business and retain customers
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Offer customers a more personalized and engaging experience
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Promote your brand with referral program and incentives

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Offer exclusive rewards and set a unique points system for your customers. Build your brand loyalty to turn customers into life-long brand evangelists.  

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Referral program for customers & friends...
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Points can be collected in-store & online
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Double-reward points for certain items & categories
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Get more customer data and optimize offers for performance

Client Use Case

Toronto's luxurious indoor golf sanctuary offers golfers of all skill levels cutting-edge Kakao-powered simulator, equipment and access to great food and drinks.


Increase in membership purchases


Reduction in no-shows


Increase in average order value

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we update the points and rewards whenever we want?
Can the customer facing tablet screen be customized?
Can we collect any other information from the customer?
Do we have tiered rewards points? How does it work? What advantage is there being in the top tier?
Can my customers use their points in another restaurant and vice versa?
How can customers check how many points they have collected?
What can I do with their information I have collected?

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