Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Streamline your restaurant's order flow and optimize kitchen staff performance with Snappy's Kitchen Display System (KDS).
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Increase back-of-house efficiency
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Improve order fulfillment times
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Reduce order preparation mistakes
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Increase customer satisfaction and retention
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Fully modular with other Snappy solutions

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Why Snappy's Kitchen Display System?

Snappy's kitchen display systems improve order fulfillment times, decrease order mistakes and improve customer satisfaction rates. If your restaurant is still encountering frequent kitchen staff mistakes and using paper slips, it might be time to switch to Snappy's Kitchen Display System.

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Consolidate orders from all sources into real time display
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Track status of all existing orders paperlessly
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Full integration with third party delivery services
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Stand alone modular solution with quick setup
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Multi lingual support for diverse kitchen staff
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Snappy's kitchen display system offers great features to help your restaurant fulfill orders faster and more accurately.

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Intuitive design and user interface
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Integrated with Snappy POS, Self-Serve Kiosk & Delivery
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Full order display from all sources including delivery
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Colour coded status and timer technology
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Free support and add-ons

Ordering Dashboard

Take it a step further and optimize your delivery operations and customer experience with Snappy's ordering dashboard.

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Display active orders as ready or in-progress
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Improved communication with delivery personnel
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Enhanced customer experience with real time order updates
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Integrated with major third party delivery apps
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Increased front-of-house staff efficiency

Client Use Case

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Chiang Mai Logo

Chiang Mai is a stylish restaurant chain serving cocktails and Thai food with some of the most atmospheric dining experiences in Toronto.


Faster order fulfillment


Increase in repeat customers


Less order preparation mistakes

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