How Many Restaurants Are In Los Angeles - Report
number of restaurants in los angeles

How Many Restaurants Are In Los Angeles - Report

June 19th, 2024

There are 14,440 restaurants in the city of Los Angeles according to data which we compiled using Google Maps Data. This data represents all restaurants listed on Google Maps in Los Angeles.

The data in this article is a representation of the number of restaurants in Los Angeles. We analyzed all 14,440 listings and here are the most important data findings we discovered.

If you’d like to view state data, you can do so here: California.

14,440 Restaurants in Los Angeles

There are 14,440 restaurants in the City of Los Angeles according to Google’s data. The most popular restaurant categories (in no particular order) in Los Angeles include: Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Pizza, Mediterranean, Seafood, Hamburger and others.

total number of restaurants in los angeles

3.7 Restaurants Per Capita

With population of 3.90 million population in 2020 according to United States Census Bureau, there are 3.7 restaurants per 1000 residents in the city of Los Angeles.

Restaurants per 1000 people

Mexican Cuisine Is #1

Among a variety of cuisine options throughout Los Angeles, Mexican cuisine has the highest number of restaurants with 1811. This is followed by the following cuisine focused restaurants: Chinese (501), Japanese (384), Italian (355),  Korean (330), American (277) and Indian (173).

mexican number one cuisine

23 Michelin Star Restaurants

There are 23 Michelin Star restaurants in Los Angeles with five being two star restaurants and 18 being one star restaurants. The two Michelin star restaurants include Hayato, Providence, Sushi Ginza Onodera, N/naka and Melisse.

Michelin Star Restaurants

509 Fast-food Restaurants

With 509 fast food restaurants in Los Angeles, popular brands include McDonald’s, Chic-fil-A and Jack In The Box.

fast food restaurants los angeles

Average Customer Rating of 4/5

Los Angeles restaurants have an average customer rating of 4/5 on Google. There are 369 restaurants in Los Angeles that have a perfect 5/5 rating on Google while 486 restaurants have a customer rating of less than 3/5.

0 /5
Average Google rating

932 Bars

Los Angeles offers 932 bars and bar related venues to enjoy during the day as well as night. Popular bar categories include: bar, sports bar, karaoke bar and cocktail bar.

761 Pizza Restaurants

Los Angeles offers a lot of pizza options for residents and visitors with 761 pizza restaurant locations across the city. Popular pizza chains in Los Angeles include Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and Domino’s.

Pizza restaurants

1111 Coffee Shops

Los Angeles also has 1,111 coffee shops across the city with popular chains like Starbucks, Dunkin and others.

coffee shops los angeles

336 Hamburger Restaurants

Los Angeles is a great place to also have a hamburger. There are 336 hamburger restaurants in the city.

Hamburger Restaurants


Los Angeles’ reputation as America’s premier food destination is under stated. Los Angeles offer a vast selection of different restaurant types from fast food to two Michelin star establishments, making it one of the premier culinary centres in the whole world and not just America.


There are 14,440 restaurants in the City of Los Angeles.

There are 3.7 restaurants per capita in Los Angeles.

There are 1811 Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles.

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