8 Patio Season Trends Restaurants Should Know In 2024
patio season trends

8 Patio Season Trends That Restaurants Should Know In 2024

May 8th, 2024

Patio dining has become a sought-after summer season activity among customers, allowing people to savour their meals outside. Not only does this benefit customers by providing an enjoyable and memorable dining experience, but it also gives your restaurant a greater seating capacity, allowing you to attract and accommodate more customers and boost revenue.

By preparing your restaurant’s patio in time for spring and summer, the ‘patio season,’ your business can get ahead of the curve and capitalize on the season trends of patio dining. Discover the eight trends that will make or break your restaurant’s patio season performance below.

8 Patio Season Trends

Green Ambiance

Embrace nature’s beauty and transform your restaurant patio into a botanical oasis. As the demand for greenery and eco-living increases, many restaurants are embracing biophilic design to meet customers’ preferences. This involves decorating with natural elements, including plants and flowers, and furnishing with natural materials, such as wood and stone, to achieve an organic atmosphere.

Also don’t forget the effect addition of greenery will have on images and videos your restaurant can post on social media. The added contrast will attract more walk-in customers and increase revenue.

Modular Layouts

Seamlessly reconfigure your restaurant patio with modular layouts. It’s common practice to re-arrange seating to accommodate different group sizes while meeting customer preferences. To make this process easier, many restaurants are opting for modular layouts, such as sectional seating.

Such layout can also help your restaurant have more flexibility and give more seating management options in case of no-shows, late cancellations and waitlist.

Technology Integration

Modernize your restaurant with innovative technology that can boost patio season revenue.
Technology and dining have become more intertwined in recent years, with many restaurants adopting innovations like QR code menus for contactless ordering to streamline operations while ensuring a convenient and straightforward dining experience for customers.

Sustainable Furniture

Make a good impression while reducing your carbon footprint with responsibly sourced furniture. The ongoing push for sustainability is resulting in restaurants becoming more eco-conscious. A good way to become more environmentally responsible is by sourcing eco-friendly furniture, such as natural rattan and bamboo, when furnishing your patio dining space.

You can even save money by sourcing second-hand furniture, all while reducing waste and environmental impact. This ensures your restaurant maintains an ethical image that meets the preferences of customers while contributing to a cleaner and greener planet.

Multi-functional Spaces

Transform your restaurant into a versatile hub for events and activities. Patios are incredibly versatile, making them superb for hosting all sorts of events, such as wedding ceremonies and receptions, birthdays, engagements, corporate events, meetings, or even galas.

Make the most of your restaurant’s outdoor space by offering multifunctional hire options that cater to a diverse range of activities and occasions. Offer clients additional services that customize your restaurant’s patio setting according to their needs, such as custom seating layouts, catering, entertainment, and decoration.

Dog Friendly

Let customers bring their furry friends along for a pet-friendly dining experience. Emerging generations of dog owners are increasingly looking for pet-friendly dining options that allow them to enjoy outings with their furry companions. By becoming dog-friendly, you can broaden your restaurant’s appeal and attract a new group of customers.

You can provide a memorable experience to both owners and their dogs by offering water bowls, doggy treats, and even dog-friendly menus which can boost revenue.

Patio Season Menus

Patio season is a brilliant time to introduce new, limited menus that attract customers with fresh and unique dishes. Capture the spirit of the season by offering a range of seasonal produce, like juicy summer fruits and vibrant herbs.

You can even theme your menu to reflect the essence of spring and summer. For example, indulge customers with refreshing fruity cocktails and cooling salads to create an unforgettable dining experience.

Immersive Dining Experience

As patio dining rises in popularity, many restaurants are offering immersive experiences to further stand out from the crowds. From interactive cooking workshops to live musical performances, there are many ways to immerse all of your customers’ senses and deliver an extravagant dining experience.


Embracing these top eight patio trends will ensure your restaurant is prepared for the coming patio season, ensuring you wow guests and make a lasting impression while increasing revenue and attracting new customers.


In major Canadian cities, patio season start end of April or early May when outside temperatures reach at least low 20 degrees Celsius consistently.

The patio season typically ends in late September when temperatures drop below 20 degrees Celsius consistently.

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