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From over 140 locations in Beijing, Bingz (西少爷) brought long-loved Chinese crispy burgers into the Canadian market along with its signature products lineup including Noodles, Liangpi and so much more.


Bingz uses Snappy's payment processing solutions, ordering dashboard and online ordering integration to help the company expand into Canada and increase sales, improve order fulfillment times and attract more customers through online ordering integration.


Increase in sales


Faster order fulfillment time


More online orders


With a successful brand already established in China, Bingz adopted Snappy's solutions to help grow its restaurant business in Canada and attract new customers, optimize front of house operations and improve customer satisfaction.



Snappy's payment processing system has streamlined transactions, reduced waiting times, and enhanced the overall customer experience at Bingz. With faster and more efficient payment processing, Bingz' customers are able to enjoy their meals with greater convenience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


Snappy's ordering dashboard solution allows Bingz to process orders more efficiently and serve meals to our customers in record time. With improved coordination between kitchen staff and cashiers, as well as real-time order tracking capabilities, they've been able to enhance the overall dining experience while increasing customer satisfaction.


Our online ordering solution provides Bingz' customers with a seamless and user-friendly platform to place orders from the comfort of their homes or on the go, which have resulted in a substantial uptick in online orders. This integration has not only expanded our reach to a wider audience but has also improved convenience and accessibility for customers.

"Implementing several of Snappy's solution has made Bingz' entry into the Canadian market that much easier. Not only have we been able to increase sales and attract new customers, we've also improved customer satisfaction and loyalty through faster order fulfillment and multiple integrations."

Sisi Zhang
GM, Bingz Canada