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Comma, is a Korean fusion restaurant and bar located in Toronto that combines Korean cuisine with modern recipes that are designed to bring customers authentic Korean food with a modern twist.


Comma, used Snappy's reservation solution to help reduce the number of no-shows, improve customer retention and provide a seamless reservation system for its customers.


Reservations made


Decrease in no-shows


Increase in repeat reservations


Comma, brought Snappy in to help make reservation process easier for its customers and implement a system to reduce no-shows and increase repeat reservation bookings.



With Snappy's reservation system in place, customers can seamlessly secure their desired dining times in advance, eliminating the frustration of waiting for a table upon arrival. This not only reduced wait times but also allowed Comma, to better manage table availability and optimize seating arrangements, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable dining environment for all guests.


Through Snappy's reservation system, customers can easily reserve their preferred table and time slot, with the option for automated reminders sent prior to their reservation. This helped Comma, minimize forgotten appointments and encourages guests to honor their commitments, reducing the occurrence of no-shows and optimizing seating capacity.


Snappy's reservation system ensures that guests can easily plan future visits to Comma, leading to higher customer retention rates and a loyal base of customers who regularly choose our Korean fusion cuisine for their dining needs.

"Snappy's reservation solution not only helped us give our customers an easy way to make reservation but also allowed us to provide better customer experience and have less customers cancel reservations and show up to our restaurant."

Owner, Comma,