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Congee Queen

Full service Chinese restaurant with multiple locations across the GTA that prides itself on its extensive 100+ item menu and quality service.


Snappy's online ordering integration and reservation solution helped Congee Queen increase digital sales, improve table turnover and generate more omni-channel customers.


Increase in online orders


Increase in table turnover


More omni-channel customers


Congee Queen used Snappy's technology solution to attract new customers, drive more omni-chanel traffic inside the restaurant.



Since integrating online ordering from Snappy, Congee Queen has experienced an incredible 121% increase in online sales. The seamless and user-friendly platform has not only expanded their customer reach but has also elevated efficiency and customer satisfaction.


With Snappy's reservation platform, Congee Queen has experienced a 13% increase in table turnover. Their streamlined reservation management and real-time updates have minimized wait times and maximized efficiency, creating a seamless dining experience for customers.


The synergistic integration of multiple Snappy products has increased Congee Queen's omni-channel customers by 39% as a result of multiple ordering options and repeat order incentivization.

"Snappy's technology delivered in a big way for us and continues to drive more new customers to our online portal and through our restaurant's doors. Our bottom line reflects Snappy's impact on our business."

Claudia Ma
Owner, Congee Queen