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Don Don Izakaya

Don Don Izakaya is a lively and authentic Japanese restaurant bar known for its extensive menu of traditional izakaya dishes, vibrant atmosphere, and wide selection of sake and cocktails. And drums.


Snappy's payment solutions and dine-in QR have helped Don Don Izakaya improve customer experience, table turn over rates and streamlined payment transactions to increase monthly sales.  


Increase in table turnover


More orders served per hour


Increase in monthly sales


Don Don Izakaya's unique combination of ambience and cuisine made it possible for Snappy's multi product integration synergy to work in tandem and improve customer experience, increase sales and table turn over rates.



Snappy's payment processing solution, helped Don Don Izakaya Restaurant streamline operations, enabling faster order processing and more efficient table turnover. With integrated inventory management and analytics, they gained insights into their bestselling items and customer preferences, allowing them to optimize our menu and promotional strategies.


Snappy's dine-in QR system accelerated order fulfillment speed and enhanced table turnover. By allowing customers to access menus, place orders, and pay through their smartphones, Don Don Izakaya streamlined the ordering process and minimized wait times. This empowered staff to focus more on food preparation and customer service, leading to quicker service and increased capacity for new diners.


Multi product integration of Snappy's products also facilitated easier payment processing, enhancing the overall dining experience and encouraging repeat visits, resulting in a notable increase in sales for Don Don Izakaya.

"The combination of two products we added from Snappy made all the difference for us in terms of profit margin. Every restaurant owner knows that every 1% counts and Snappy's technology helped us generate more sales, serve more orders and satisfy more customers."

Tony Wong
Owner, Don Don Izakaya