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Golf It Up

Toronto's luxurious indoor golf sanctuary offers golfers of all skill levels cutting-edge Kakao-powered simulator, equipment and access to great food and drinks. Luxury meets leisure with 4 open bays, 4 VIP rooms, and an upscale bar.


Golf It Up has used multiple Snappy products to reduce no shows, increase membership purchases and average order value with enhanced personalization and seamless technology integration throughout the entire customer experience journey.


Increase in membership purchases


Reduction in no shows


Increase in average order value


Golf It Up is a luxurious indoor golf bar that prides itself on its core technology technology offerings of Kakao powered simulator and chose Snappy's modular restaurant solution stack to attract, retain and satisfy its customer base with technology driven products.



Implementing Snappy's reservation system at Golf It Up has significantly reduced no-shows by providing customers with a convenient and structured way to book their sessions in advance. Through the reservation system, customers can easily secure their preferred tee times, and automated reminders are sent out prior to their scheduled sessions, reducing the likelihood of forgotten appointments.


The introduction of Snappy's loyalty products at Golf It Up has significantly boosted membership purchases by offering customers the allure of exclusive benefits and flexible payment options. Gift cards provide an enticing opportunity for individuals to share the luxury golfing experience with friends and family, serving as an entry point for potential members to explore our facility.


Snappy's POS has significantly increased both average order value and play times by streamlining the purchasing process and enhancing the overall customer experience. With the POS system, we can easily upsell premium services such as equipment rentals, coaching sessions, or exclusive club memberships during the checkout process, effectively increasing the average order value.

"Snappy's fully integrated product suite has had an enormous impact on our performance at Golf It Up. From reduction of no shows to a significant increase in membership purchases, Snappy has exceeded our expectations in terms of tech, support and results."

Owner, Golf It Up