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MotiMahal Restaurant has been in business for over 50 years serving high quality Indian street food with a focus on authenticity and rich flavour.


Snappy's point of sale system and delivery integration helped MotiMahal Restaurant almost double delivery orders, increase number of orders processed per hour and pickup orders.


Increase in delivery orders


More orders per hour processed


Increase in pickup orders


MotiMahal needed a new way to attract new customers and used Snappy's delivery app integration to increase delivery and pickup orders as well as get exposure to new customers.



Snappy's delivery integration has not only expanded MotiMahal's customer base but has also streamlined delivery operations, ensuring prompt and efficient service.


With Snappy's intuitive POS, MotiMahal achieved 8% increase in orders processed per hour. From streamlined order processing to enhanced customer service, Snappy has helped MotiMahal serve customers better and faster than ever before.


The combination of new customer exposure and faster point of sale processing, MotiMahal has also achieved considerable growth in pickup orders.

"Snappy's delivery app integration made it very easy for us to offer order delivery and linking it point of sale was instant. To this day, we get new customers trying us out as a result."

Meet Patel
Owner, MotiMahal