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O’Somae offers a new and exciting brunch option that includes many non-traditional ingredients that contain fresh indigenous ingredients, promoting local farms and businesses. Coffee is made with heart and passion using only the best beans.


O'Somae use of Snappy's payment solutions has led to an increase in average order value, improved customer satisfaction and reduction in order errors.


Increase in average order value


Decrease in order errors


More repeat orders


O'Somae required improved payment processing that allowed for more personalization and customer data to drive more repeat business, improve customer satisfaction and higher average order value which Snappy's payment solution delivered.



By implementing Snappy's payment solution that offered upselling prompts and customizable tipping options, O'Somae successfully increased the average order value by encouraging customers to add extras and tip generously, enhancing revenue per transaction.


Snappy integrated POS system helped O'Somae order errors by automating order entry and ensuring accurate itemization, minimizing mistakes in both the ordering and payment process.


Snappy offered loyalty program integration and convenient reorder options, O'Somae increased repeat orders by incentivizing customers with rewards and simplifying the process of placing subsequent orders, fostering customer loyalty and retention.

"We love what Snappy's payment solution has been able to do O'Somae, helping us to better retarget existing customers with improved personalization, less order errors and a more seamless payment experience."

Xiaorong Zhu
Manager, O'Somae