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Yoi Ramen Eatery

Erwin, Owner of Yoi Ramen Japanese Eatery is thrilled to share his experience with Snappy's self-serve kiosks at his restaurant. These innovative kiosks have revolutionized their business operations and elevated the dining experience for valued guests.

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Located in Fairview Mall of Toronto, Yoi Ramen Japanese Eatery is a great quick-service restaurant for Japanese eats - serving up fresh poke, donkatsu, and ramen.


Labour cost reduction


Increase in direct order volume


Increase in average ticket size

Self-serve kiosk at Yoi Eatery restaurant


Since implementing Snappy's self-serve kiosks, staff at Yoi Ramen can now focus on what truly matters: preparing the most delicious and authentic Japanese cuisine. With the kiosks taking care of order placement and payment processing, their team has more time to ensure the highest quality of food and provide exceptional service to guests.



By introducing self-serve kiosks, we have significantly cut down our labor costs. With guests placing their orders directly through the user-friendly interface, we have been able to streamline our staffing requirements. This not only helps us optimize our resources but also enables us to allocate more of our budget towards sourcing premium ingredients and maintaining the authenticity of our dishes.


Snappy's self-serve kiosks have revolutionized the way we serve our customers. With the quick and intuitive ordering process, we have experienced a substantial improvement in our overall efficiency. Guests can place their orders seamlessly, reducing waiting times and allowing us to serve more customers during peak hours. The increased throughput has positively impacted our revenue and customer satisfaction levels.


At Yoi Ramen, we prioritize providing our guests with a memorable and delightful dining experience. The self-serve kiosks have enabled us to deliver on this promise by freeing up our staff to focus on culinary excellence and guest interactions.

"I highly recommend Snappy's self-serve kiosks to any restaurant looking to enhance their operational efficiency and prioritize the core aspects of their business. Thank you, Snappy, for helping us achieve our goals and exceed our customers' expectations."

Erwin Chen
Owner, Yoi Ramen Japanese Eatery

Self-serve kiosk at food hall restaurant