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168 Sushi

168 Sushi Buffet is multi-location sushi buffet restaurant with over 168 items in their menu that is dedicated to providing customers with quality food, great service and excellent atmosphere.


With Snappy's order from table and multiple loyalty solutions, 168 Sushi was not only able to increase average order value and table turnover rates but also reduced staffing costs and improved customer retention.


Increase in table turnover


Reduction in staffing costs


Increase in average order value


Sushi 168 brought Snappy in to help improve its operations by reducing staffing costs with order from table solution and increasing sales with multiple loyalty and reservation solutions which focused on creating a more personalized dining experience.



Snappy's order from table solution gave the freedom to customers to order at their own pace while reducing staffing costs for Sushi 168 and improved overall customer satisfaction.


Snappy provided a suite of loyalty solutions that helped Sushi 168 prompt customers with more personalized offers and incentives that led to an increase average order value and greater customer retention.


Cross-product integration allowed Sushi 168 to improve overall dining experience for its customers which resulted in improved customer retention and more repeat customers.

"Snappy's order from table solution reduced our restaurant's staffing needs and helped us increase average order value, improve table turnover rates and create a more personalized dining experience for our customers."

Owner, Sushi 168